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Support Services

Support Services for Gunsmiths, Dealers, and Budding Parts Designers

Many of the products and services we provide are not widely found in the gunsmithing and gun parts business.  We have assembled a group of gunsmiths, artisans, machinists, and other hard to find folks in order to provide a "one stop shop" for many things gun related. 
      Gunsmiths and Dealers

We  provide discounts to all FFL licensed gunsmiths and dealers.  The amount of discount depends on the type of service rendered.  No one company can or should do everything "gun".  We certainly cannot, nor will we try.  Many of our speciality finishes are not practical for everyone to do.  Please check our PRODUCTS page and contact us to discuss our discount rates for FFL's.
      Budding Parts Designers

Many of the best devices ever designed were done at a kitchen table and then the young genius spent hundreds of hours making a prototype with inferior tools.  We have a commercial machine shop that will make your prototype for you and then either manufacture it for you or have one of our larger affiliates make it for you.  Contact us with your idea and we will try to help you get it off the ground at an affordable price.
  We take drawings on napkins.
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