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Steven Hopkins
I have been a serious shooter all of my life.  I went into Air Force in 1990 as a Security Policeman and SWAT team member, where I competed in shooting and tactics competitions.  Got out and went to Art School to be a graphic designer.  I have worked as commercial artist for major corporations, and freelancing.  I am a successful painter.  I grew up building and repairing clocks, which I still enjoy.  I started out customizing my guns in 1999.  Everything from 1911s to .22s to ARs, Remington 700s, benchrest and just about everything else, including airguns.  My main concern in a gun is ergonomics and accuracy.  Then I got an Airbrush, compressor, Gun-Kote and learned to make them look good applying the skills of an artist.  I started building AKs in 2005.  I apply each of these skills in building the perfect shooters.

Phil Wagoner, Certified Law Enforcement Armorer

Phil is a researcher, with a love of chemistry and problem solving.  An designer by trade he is always working on ways to make  all firearms shoot better.  He invested in all the materials to refinish guns in just about every way possible, from anodizing to nickel plating and everything else.  He loves learning all the ins and outs to build the best firearms we can.  He too demands accuracy.  He will spend weeks working up the perfect load to get his guns shooting sub-inch groups at 100 yards.  A stickler for rules he makes sure the business runs efficiently and as accurately as our guns.

We have a Dremels and a Foredom and not afraid to use them!

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