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AK Builds

These AKs are the product of a clock maker, artist, and shooter/ gunsmith.
Each AK is hand built with each rivet hole is hand fitted to the trunions to prevent any tension in the receiver. Bolt carrier rails are fitted and burnished for optimal function and accuracy. Each rifle is built then test fired for function. Then parkerized and finished in either a moly or teflon based Gun-Kote color. Then tested again for function, accuracy and sights set. I live with each AK for a month to make sure it is perfect. If there are accuracy issues I re-crown the barrel or refit handguard until I am getting around 2 moa. Some rifles prefer different ammo. I test them with Wolf, Tula and Yugo surplus ammo.

Build $200 with original barrel.  $300 to add the extra barrel parts.
Finish $200
Extras, Just Ask.

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